Monday, September 30, 2013

Facebook and Collegiate Link

SMAW is also on Facebook and Collegiate Link!

Be sure to like the Facebook page to receive Alerts of Awesomeness ©™®  (that's right, I copyrighted, trademarked, and registered this poorly thought-out phrase). This way you will be notified of upcoming meetings, you can read ahead to impress our planned presenters and make them say "your you're super smart!", you can vote for games on game-days, and you can do other stuff too, but I can't think of anything right now!

Also check out Collegiate Link, where we will have all our news, meetings, and even a sweet roster of fellow SMAW-t (pronounced as "smart" but with a Rhotacism of the "w" sound) math lovers such as yourself all in one organized place.

These links have been bestowed the honor of joining our link section to the left of this page; so you can find them any time you would like!

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