Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 - 2012

Each academic year begins in the same way for the Math Club:

(1)  One of the officers agrees to be club President.
(2)  We have an organizational meeting.
(3)  We participate in the Campus Activity Center (CAC) club day.
(4)  The club president goes to the CAC training and completes paperwork to renew as a Recognized Student Organization (RSO).
(5) The officers and faculty sponsor start planning events we hope members will enjoy.

2011-2012 has started well. Our new officers are:

President:                       Mark Givens
V. President:                   Aylin Marquez
Historian/Blog Master:    Josh McConnell
Treasurer:                       Drew Hauser

We decided to continue with the Math Movies and hosted the first on Aug 29.  Since our copy had no english-language subtitles, we'll reshow The Professor and his Beloved Equation on Sept 26.  Click here for a video review. 

We hosted a first meeting on Friday, Aug 26 where after a few introductions, played board games.  We meet every other Friday at 3:10 in Ross Hall 247.  Pizza is served. 

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