Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4 --- Hands on Workshop led by Barbara Gardner

Barbara founded the Boulder Folders, an informal group that meets three times a month at two public libraries in Boulder.  Some of the Club members met Barbara at the October birthday party of Martin Gardner held in Boulder.  We spent a couple of wonderful hours doing origami under her supervision.  In December 2010, I took my nephew to a Boulder Folder morning and he was impressed!  Please show Barbara that we appreciate her gracious offer to bring her books and papers and skills to us!

We'll meet in the Math Lab, Friday March 4, 3:10!!!  Bring your friends.  Bring a young person.  If you can't join us, perhaps you will be interested in one of the groups that Barbara supports:  Origami USA.  On their website they explain their mission:

" share the joy and appreciation of paperfolding, preserve its history, nurture its growth, bring people together and encourage community among paperfolders."  

The site goes on to say that  "Origami is alive and well in America. Thanks to the dedication of Lillian Oppenheimer, founder of The Origami Center of America, for over 30 years there has been a place to share origami experiences and purchase origami supplies .... There are over 1600 members in 49 states and 19 countries and there are local-area OrigamiUSA groups in cities all over the United States and Canada".  Perhaps one of our majors could be the next person to join from WY.

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