Friday, January 21, 2011

Math Club line-up for Spring 2011

Jan 21
 Can you believe it?  Tonight is our first meeting -- Ross Hall 247 --- 3:10.  The theme is Latex, what it is, what it can do, and how to get started.  Lynne will give some basics and background, and three UW Math students -- Noll Roberts, Tim Shaw, and Mark Givens --- will share some of their recent experiences with learning Latex.  Optional will be some lab time afterwards in Math Lab.  The software is free.
Jan 28
Franz-Peter Griesmaier, popular and talented Associate Professor in the UW Philosophy Dept, will share thoughts about Kant, The Critique of Pure Reason, and mathematics.  FP and his UW Philosphy Dept colleague  Susanna Goodin are team-teaching Phil 4040 simply entitled Kant.
Jan 26
Movie night with The Number 23 (2007) starring Jim Carey.  Math Lab @ 7PM

Upcoming Events
Felipe Pereira on Mathematics of Energy
February Movie Night Between the Folds
8th Annual Pikes Peak Undergrad Research Conference, Feb 26, Colorado Springs
Barbara Gardner, founder of the Origami group Boulder Folders
Les Shader and new Games
Hakima Bessaih on Stochastic Mathematics

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